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Hp Sangha provides a full compliment of SEO services in Jalandhar in the Punjab region of India.

Hp Sangha SEO services cover a range of different methods, techniques, approaches, and tactics to achieve SEO Services in Jalandharmeasurable results for our clients. We know that our clients want to see better-ranking positions in Google and Bing for relevant searches by potential clients or customers, and our methods are intended to achieve that for them over a reasonable period of time.

Here are some of the ways that Our SEO Company Jalandhar Achieves this:

  • Website Analysis

Hp Sanga SEO Services in Jalandhar start by analyzing the existing website. If it’s not going to be redesigned and requires improvements based on what’s already there, we start at that point. Our talented staff look over the site to see what it’s doing right and, perhaps, doing wrong from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint.

The idea with this is to get a current status for the site to see what’s the starting position. This helps teach us what we must do from there to make changes to get improvements to the trust that the site has with the Google and Bing search engines, the resultant search engine rankings that are achieved, and the subsequent organic traffic that comes from those rankings.

  • On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is the art of making sure the website is doing everything right from an SEO perspective. This means that the page titles are optimized appropriately, the META tags within the page are reasonable and everything is in balance.

For instance, when loading up a page with either too many keywords with exact matching searches or repeating them too often, this can eventually cause a penalty to arrive from Google. Accuracy along with moderation is key here.

The title and the H2 Header for the sub-headings will often use relevant keyword terms. This is more powerful than only including them in the written copy. These need to look natural – not forced – while still provide an SEO benefit and to be clear and useful to the site visitor too.

There are many individual checks that are performed site-wide to verify that the on-page SEO is correct. This includes, but is not limited to, checking for 404 error pages, verifying any outbound links are working properly, images and embedded videos are visible and much more.

For older sites, it’s sensible to get a site audit to check both what’s there and what needs fixing.

  • Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is everything that affects or could affect the site from outside the website itself.

Off-page includes inbound links pointing from other websites to your website, the anchor text (the text inside the link that’s visible) mixture and what’s appropriate, the frequency of matching anchor text, the quality of the sites linking in, etc. Inappropriate or spammy links should be disavowed via Google to remove their effect on ranking ability.

Off-page SEO is a completed topic. There are many SEO Sevices provider in Jalandhar, but not everyone knows how to do correct Off-page SEO. Many factors affect the possibility of a site ranking. Some sites we deal with have poor quality links which are preventing the site ranking better. These must all be found and disavowed with Google, and better-quality links added to replace them to improve the odds of ranking well in the future.

  • Competitor Website Analysis

Competitor website analysis is a vital aspect for businesses and website owners determined to do well with search engines. The idea is to look at what the competition are doing and glean nuggets of useful information.

For instance, when wanting to rank for a particular search term, it’s useful to consider the total word count on that page for the top ten ranking sites. This gives an idea whether the existing word count for the article on the client’s site is too short or sufficient. Examining the topics covered and which pages are receiving the best ranking and/or the most traffic is useful in deciding where to add longer content or publish new content on different topics to complete in those areas too.

While it’s not necessary to outright copy the competition, it’s certainly useful to see what they’re currently doing and the success they’re having with that strategy.

  • Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is perfect for the client. It helps determine what the most relevant search terms are for their targeted products or services. From there, analysis can take place to see how they are presently ranking for those terms and what can be done to improve the ranking in the future?

It may be that the content is too short or low-quality and needs shoring up to improve it to help rank better. It likely also means that new links are required pointing at the relevant page on the site. Using sophisticated SEO tools, it’s possible to verify what keywords (search terms) a page is currently ranking for and what position each has. This can be matched up with the list of possible keywords to see what decent search terms the page isn’t even ranking for.

  • White Hat vs Gray Hat SEO Tactics

Link building falls under different levels of safety. White hat links are the safest. They’re the hardest to get. Grey hat links fall in the middle; they carry some risk but can be highly targeted to specific keywords and often work faster for ranking once the site has 6-12 months of age on it.

The skill in the SEO agency is in determining which types of links are appropriate at different times in the lifecycle of the website.

  • Safety Against Google Updates Hurting Future Ranking

When SEO is managed well, it protects the site from most Google algorithm updates that aim to penalize certain sites for running their SEO in objectionable ways. Trade-offs are made based on the riskiness of certain links and SEO strategies vs the desire to rank for difficult keywords quickly or affordably.

Sometimes, however, an update fundamentally changes how Google ranks certain sites and doesn’t indicate anyone did something risky or wrong. For instance, the recent YMOYL update hurt the ranking of health, medical and finance sites especially, impacting traffic levels significantly. Not something that could be foreseen.

  • Regular Reports on Action Taken and Progress Made

Regular reports are provided on what work has been performed on the client’s behalf and the progress made from an SEO perspective.

  • Site Submission to Google

On occasion, it’s recommended to manually submit a website to Google to help index it faster. We can take care of this action too.