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In the past getting the word out about your company was relatively easy. You hung a big sign out in front of your business, paid for the occasional print ad and, if you were doing particularly well, you might even splurge and produce a short spot for local TV. Oh, how things have changed. The coming of the digital age has turned traditional ideas about advertising on their head. Marketing forms that didn’t exist 20 years ago are now billion dollar industries, while TV advertising takes one body blow after another and print is on its last legs. Today, most consumers spend vast amounts of time navigating the world that doesn’t even exist. A virtual world where your real-world company can find itself in hot water by being invisible to search engines due to a poor or non-existent SEO strategy.

Why Hiring an SEO Company in Pune is the Right Thing to do

Things were pretty simple in the 90s. The TV was king, you got your jollies by reading the cartoon section of the Sunday newspaper, none of the top SEO companies in Pune existed and the only time you encountered a computer during a purchase was when your groceries were scanned at the checkout counter. Today 10-year-old kids are walking around with smartphones in their pockets that have more computing power than was used to put the man on the moon and an increasing number of consumers make their purchasing decisions only after they’ve spent time online researching a product. For this reason, alone you need a robust and effective search engine optimization strategy and the HP Sangha SEO company Pune can devise one for you.

Not convinced SEO is something you need to invest in? Well here are some observations and facts that may help change your mind.

  • Times have changed – Every generation has its own idea of what is cool, what is relevant and who is credible. If you want your company to achieve credibility with today’s generation of consumers you need to have a healthy and visible web presence. Young people today for better or worse spend most of their lives online. To them, if a company doesn’t appear at or near the top of search engine results it’s just not credible. So how do you ensure that your company is among the top 10 in search results? S.E.O. It’s that simple. Trying to achieve Internet credibility without an effective SEO strategy is like trying to stop the tide. It’s just not going to happen.
  • No SEO No Web Traffic – Let’s say you’re aware of the importance of the Internet to business today and so you went out and paid someone a lot of money to design and build a fancy e-commerce website for you. Then you sat back and waited for the sales to flood in. But a funny thing happened. Nothing flooded in. No sales, no inquiries and when you looked at the analytics for your site you could see why: no traffic. But why not? Your website is a thing of beauty and you were told your product would set the world on fire. The thing is, without an effective SEO campaign behind it a fancy website is like a fancy hot air balloon without any hot air.

Here’s a sobering thought for you to ponder: 90% of all web searchers don’t navigate past page 1 of the organic search results. If your website happens to appear on page 3 only about 1% of online searchers will ever see it listed. And if your website appears on page 10 then you might as well close down your site and throw in the towel because no one, and we mean no one, will see it. Unless you have some sort of built-in advantage like a famous name the only way to get onto page 1 is with a well-executed search engine optimization strategy. The kind that we at HP Sangha, the best SEO company in Pune, can create and implement for you.Search Engine optimization company in pune

Here’s a Couple of More SEO facts to consider:

  • ROI – SEO produces the fastest and highest return on investment of any form of contemporary marketing. Your SEO ROI will be quick and complete because search engine optimization is not like plastering a billboard up next to the highway trying to convince people to buy your product or service. SEO is what’s known as “Inbound Marketing”. Inbound marketing feeds off of behavior – someone is actively searching online for a particular product or service. By contrast, traditional marketing targets demographic groups in the hope they can be convinced to spend money on a particular product, even if they don’t necessarily need it. Because SEO targets those, who’ve already made up their mind to buy you’ll see a much faster and more robust return on investment than with other, riskier forms of marketing.
  • Built-in market research – With traditional marketing, you create your advertisement, put it out there and gauge results. Often times however it can be devilishly difficult to determine why a particular ad failed while another one may have succeeded; unless you convene a focus group or two, or three. Search engine optimization carries with its own data points that are delivered to you every time someone clicks through from a search engine. By using Google Analytics you’re able to see who clicked through, where they live, what search terms they used to find you, what platform they were using, what browser and much more. It’s the kind of feedback that can help you improve your product or service going forward, which will help you reduce waste and increase profits.

SEO Companies in Pune: Not Just for the Fortune 500

There was a time when search engine optimization was considered the exclusive domain of huge corporations. Those days have gone the way of Netscape Navigator. Today SEO is an integral part of any wise, forward-looking business plan. Those who ignore it are destined to travel a long and tough road to success. While those who implement a timely and effective SEO strategy will be able to tap into the consumer zeitgeist of the 21st century just as their forebears did with radio and then TV advertising.

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At HP Sangha we’re more than a company that dabbles in search engine optimization. We’re the most reliable and experienced SEO company in Pune and the only one you’ll ever need to achieve breakthrough improvement in your organic search rankings. If your online efforts have languished you’ll want to call us today and put your business back on track for a more profitable future. We’ve helped scores of companies realize transformative search engine results and we can do the same for yours.

Final Thoughts

Too many business owners, SEO still seems like some mysterious and questionable kind of technological hocus-pocus. But the fact is that search engine optimization is no joke. It’s as important to your business today as adequate financing and good employees. Don’t trust your SEO efforts to just any SEO services company in Pune. Call the  Pune SEO Expert with the track record and experience needed to achieve real results: HP Sangha. We’re the best SEO company in Pune because we love what we do and we love when our customers succeed.