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To simply state that search engine optimization (SEO) is important to your website’s success doesn’t really present the full picture. A thoughtful, effective SEO campaign by a top notch SEO company in Mumbai is not just important, it’s as important to the success of your website as water is to life. Without a proper SEO campaign your website will shrivel and die on the Internet vine and there won’t be anything you can do to stop it.

Keeping Big G Happy

Love ‘em or hate ‘em Google has the power to make or break your website and, by extension, your business. Having your website rank at or near the top of Google’s organic search engine results can be the difference between thriving and scraping by. But before you start thinking that we specialize in hyperbole rather than SEO consider the following facts:

  • More than 90% of Internet activity begins with a search query.
  • 95% of searchers never click through to the 2nd page of search results.
  • Nearly 80% of users ignore the paid ads embedded in search results.
  • The 1st link in search results gets a whopping 33% of all clicks for that search term.
  • The 2nd gets 18% and by the time you reach10thplace that number has dropped to 5%.
  • SEOleadsgenerate a conversion rate of more than 14% as opposed to less than 2% for print.
  • Websites with active blogs featuring useful content regularly rank higher in search results than websites without a blog.

Here are a few more SEO related facts to chew on:

  • Google has a search engine market share of 68%.
  • There are more than 1 trillion searches executed in an average month.
  • Searches conducted on mobile devices now surpass those from desktop computers.

The fact that there is today more than 1 billion websites in the world only highlights the importance of making sure you hire an SEO agency in Mumbai that can get results. If it doesn’t you’ll be relegated to the search engine back pages along with 999,999,990 other websites.

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The Keys to an Effective SEO Strategy

As the top SEO company located in Mumbai we understand that an effective SEO strategy rests firmly on the following half-dozen foundation principles:

  1. High-Quality Content: Every time Google tweaks their algorithm it’s with the goal of being more effective at weeding out Internet junk and delivering truly useful information to searchers. They want to see engaging, useful, accurate information and they’ve become extremely adept at identifying it. As a result any website that hopes to secure a coveted spot on the first page of Google’s search results better invest in the kind of content that spells out what they do and why it matters in a lucid, easy to understand manner and update that content regularly, typically (though not exclusively) via blog posts. As the best SEO firm in Mumbai, that’s exactly what HP Sangha does for you.
  1. Fast Loading Time: Google has no patience for slow loading websites and neither do web surfers. At the beginning of the Internet age surfers typically allowed a page 8 seconds to load before they gave up and moved on. Today, that is down to approximately 3 seconds. At HP Sangha SEO agency Mumbai, we take a comprehensive look at both the front and back end of your website and institute tweaks that will increase its loading time substantially. These may include eliminating white space to reduce file size, creating external JS and CSS files, eliminating any duplicate coding and optimizing photos and graphics.
  1. Link Building: Link building has been a vital part of SEO campaigns since the days of dial-up although the particulars of the practice have changed significantly over the years. Link building is how Google establishes a website’s “authority”. Google considers a website to be authoritative if it publishes trustworthy information and is linked to other authority sites as well. Whereas 10-15 years ago blackhat methods like link farms were common our SEO services Mumbai assiduously avoid such techniques today that would bring the ire of Google down upon you and have a negative effect on your page rank. HP Sangha SEO company Mumbai guarantee all our link building efforts adhere to Google’s rigorous standards.
  1. Keywords: Keywords play a huge part in how your page is ranked by Google and the other major search engines. HP Sangha Mumbai SEO Expert company, make an in-depth analysis of your current keywords and whether they’re lifting you up or dragging you down. Once the analysis is complete we’ll suggest alternatives that our research indicates should substantially increase your page ranking. Some of these will be individual keywords while others will be keyword phrases and what are known as “long tail keywords” that are typically included in blog posts.
  1. Optimizing for Mobile: Google announced early in 2016 that mobile searches had, for the first time, surpassed desktop searches. This impacts you in a number of ways. First, by pointing out that mobile is the way of the future; i.e. if your website does not display properly on mobile devices you’re in trouble. Second, by implying that your content needs to be created with mobile in mind.In other words, it needs to be generally less indulgent and grab the user’s attention quickly and effectively. And third, by suggesting that Google is and will continue to put increased emphasis on penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly.
  1. Leveraging Social Media: Social media is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. As such acknowledging and accommodating social media is today a vital ingredient in any effective SEO campaign. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are driving engagement and creating both new challenges and new opportunities for forward-thinking companies. The number of “likes” you receive on a Facebook post, for instance, can have a significant effect on the number of conversions you receive through your website. HP Sangha SEO company, Mumbai will devise a comprehensive social media program for you that will complement your main website and help elevate its page ranking.

The Bottom Line

Search engine optimization is the most important tool you have going for you in your quest for internet relevance. You can have the most incredible product to hit the market since the mobile phone, the best team working for you that money, time and persistence can assemble and an expensive website with all the bells and whistles; but without HP Sangha SEO company, Mumbai on your side none of it will matter.

HP Sangha, Mumbai direct all their technical and industry know how to the job of lifting your website out of obscurity into a position of prominence when it comes to organic search engine results. But we don’t just make a few cosmetic adjustments and then wish you well. We continue to refine your SEO campaign so that your page ranking continues to improve and you ultimately attain the kind of 21st-century digital visibility enjoyed by only a select few.

Give us a call today and learn more about SEO in Mumbai and how an experienced SEO company in Mumbai can help you. It could be the smartest phone call you ever make.