Best Search Engine Optimization Services in Hyderabad

Back in the olden days of the late 20th century, the Internet was awash in search engines. As time passed, however, consumer use patterns culled the herd until today there is only a handful that is relevant: Google/YouTube (Yes, YouTube is a search engine though its stats are typically bundled in with its parent Google), Bing, Yahoo and the Chinese search engine Baidu. Current global search engine market share is divided thusly:

  • Google/YouTube – 92.3%
  • SEO Company in HyderabadBing -3%
  • Yahoo – 2.2%
  • Baidu – 1%
  • All others – 1.5%

You might have had to do a double take when reading those stats but there’s no mistake. Between them, Google and its subsidiary YouTube account for more than 92% of all web searches performed worldwide. That’s a staggering monopoly with all sorts of ramifications. Where that stat really hits home though is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry. Why? Because every time Google releases a tweak or update to their search algorithm SEO companies worldwide, including those SEO companies in Hyderabad, need to adapt quickly and effectively to the change lest their clients are relegated to the search results wasteland. If you want your website to achieve and maintain search engine relevance you need HP Sangha.

Why is Keeping up With Google Algorithm Updates Important?

Consider this: More than 90% of searchers scan the first page of search results and either find what they want or refine their search and try again. Less than 10% ever make it to page 2. So, if you’re website does not appear on page 1 for your particular product or service the amount of traffic you attract will be minuscule. And if you don’t appear by the end of the 2nd page well, you might as well not exist as far as Big G is concerned.

This is why it’s so important that the SEO company in Hyderabad you enlist to get your website noticed is up to speed with the latest Google algorithm updates. If they’re working with old information your chances of landing on page 1 are remote at best. It’s also crucial that they use above board SEO tactics as “black hat” tricks and techniques are being aggressively targeted by Google with the websites that use them being banished from search engine results.

Knowing This How do you Find the Right SEO Company?

It’s scary to think that you could spend real money on an SEO campaign only to find out later that the company you paid to do the work wasn’t aware of the latest Google algorithm updates or hid their incompetence under a blizzard of black hat tricks that later come back to haunt you. So how can you be sure that the SEO companies you speak with are up to date and above board? The answer to that question involves you being willing to do a bit of homework before you speak to anyone and then asking the right questions when you have the prospective SEO company reps in front of you. It’s not enough to simply nod your head while the pitchman or woman is spouting a bunch of meaningless PR nonsense like “We’re the company to choose because our SEO experts will enable your website to achieve a higher level of effectiveness.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that statement alone doesn’t mean anything. If you want to be sure you’re working with an SEO company that knows its stuff you’ll want to ask the following questions after they finish their promo speech.

Question 1: How will you do that?

This question is likely to weed out half of the prospective SEO companies because the less capable ones aren’t expecting it and don’t really have an answer. They were counting on their sweet sounding speech to bowl you over. The funny thing is, sometimes that works for them. Those that fall for the promotional speech however almost always regret it in the long run. Don’t let that be you. Ask the prospective SEO company how they intend to deliver the results they’re promising and make sure their answer (if they have one) is understandable and not just more promotional mumbo-jumbo. At HP Sangha our SEO experts welcome the opportunity to explain to you exactly what they’ll do to place your website at or near the top of search engine results.

Question 2: What sort of tactics will they employ?

A lot of SEO companies use the questionable “black hat” tactics and tricks mentioned above in order to fool Big G into bumping them up in search engine results. But Google has been refining their algorithm for years with the expressed purpose of identifying such websites and banishing them for good. And once you get on Google’s blacklist it’s nearly impossible to recover. In February 2017 Google tweaked their algorithm in a way that had a huge impact on websites that used the black hat technique of aggressive link building to achieve their search results position. If this is how your SEO company got you positioned high in search engine results you’ll be feeling the pain today. At HP Sangha we never jeopardize your company’s well-being by using underhanded tricks and techniques to get short-term results.

Question 3: Will they optimize your site for mobile?

If you ask this question of a prospective SEO company and they say something like “All websites are the same.” or “Mobile isn’t that important.” thank them for their time and send them on their way because they don’t know what they’re talking about. Last year for the first time mobile searches outnumbered searches from traditional platforms like PCs and laptops. Google promptly released an algorithm update along with a statement which said they were now going to give priority in search results to those sites that are ‘mobile friendly.’

This seemingly simple statement has had enormous consequences for websites the world over that has had to scramble to make their sites mobile friendly or risk losing their precious position in search engine results. It’s no exaggeration to say that failing to comply with this important change will undermine all other SEO efforts. At HP Sangha we’re fully aware of just what this important update means and we’ll fill you in on exactly what changes (if any) your website will need to undergo in order to comply.

Question 4: Are they aware of the most recent Google algorithm updates?

Before interviewing any prospective SEO companies in Hyderabad, it will be in your best interest to do a bit of homework. Simply use your favorite search engine and look for ‘Google algorithm updates.’ You’ll be presented with a slew of websites containing update information, but a lot of it will be old. You’ll want to make sure you find information from 2016/17. Jot down some notes regarding what you find and keep them handy during your SEO interviews. Then cross check the answers you get to this question with your notes. Less competent SEO services in Hyderabad will fail this one while you’ll find that the experts from HP Sangha routinely pass with flying colors.
The Right SEO Company for You

If you interview enough SEO companies and compare them to HP Sangha, one thing should be pretty clear: we’re a cut above the competition. We know our stuff, we communicate effectively and openly with our clients, and we always use state-of-the-art white hat SEO practices so that your company remains a darling of Big G. We don’t make empty promises. Instead, we consistently deliver:

  • Enhanced search engine exposure for your website – No more languishing on page 5 of search results.
  • An increased customer base – Increased search engine visibility will drive more traffic to your website resulting in a larger customer base.
  • Non-stop engagement – Some companies take your money and run. Not us. We stay engaged with our customers to ensure they’re always aware of changes to the SEO landscape and to make any necessary tweaks to their SEO strategy.
  • Transparency – If you ever have questions or concerns about the SEO strategy we’ve implemented for your website give us a call. We understand that this is a complex subject and that you may want clarification on various issues. No problem. Give us a ring anytime.
  • Affordability – Because we consistently deliver all of the above and do so using fundamentally sound, professional methods that will serve you well in both the short and long terms our SEO services are an excellent value.

HP Sangha: The Gold Standard

When searching for the best SEO companies in Hyderabad, it will seem like you have a lot of options. If you’re patient and ask the right questions however you’ll discover that the only real option for getting both what you want and what your company needs is HP Sangha. We deliver consistently excellent results for our clients time and again because we’re not in it just for the money. We’re in it because we love the challenge, we love the work, and we love the feeling of a job well done.