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Approximately 1/2 of all new businesses fail in their first year, and many of those failures are the result of bad decisions. In today’s business environment one of the most important decisions you’ll face is how to generate visibility, interest and ultimately sales through your website. It’s an interconnected digital world whether you like it or not and unless you’re the only company in town selling concrete or you own a petrol station you’re going to have to get out there on the virtual highway and flag down customers. One thing many unsuccessful businesses have in common today is that they fail in this regard and that failure is typically driven by a decision to forego a comprehensive SEO strategy. Don’t let that mistake happen to you.

The Importance of Hiring an SEO Company in Delhi

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business and expand your customer base few things will be more effective than a comprehensive SEO strategy. That fact, however, can still be difficult for many business owners – especially those who cut their teeth in the brick and mortar economy – to accept. But accept it they must lest they see their best-laid plans go up in digital smoke. Here are a few reasons why it important that you hire a Delhi SEO Expert and do it soon:

  • SEO is Crucial for Generating Credibility – You know yourself if you’ve spent any time searching the net that you enter your initial query, hit search and maybe click on some of the results. You then refine your query, hit search again and click on more results. If you’re consistently seeing one company appear high on page 1 of search results in response to various terms related to a certain product or service you start to think that company must have something going on. And you’re right. They do. What they have going on, at a minimum, is an SEO strategy that targets multiple related keywords and also includes regular high-quality content additions and updates related to those keywords. Because of that (and a few other things) they appear on page 1 of those search results which creates a sense of credibility, which makes the visitor more likely to trust them and engage with their product or service.
  • SEO is Vital for Driving Traffic – 90% of web searchers never venture past page 1 of search results. 90%. Think about that for a moment and then think about this: there are 1 billion websites in the world and page 1 returns 10 results. Even if you’re only talking about the city of Delhi, you’re talking about many thousands of businesses and many thousands of websites, many of them offering the same, or virtually the same product or service. Without a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy you stand virtually no chance, (that’s zero chance), of your website ever appearing on page 1 – even if the search includes the words “in Delhi” – which means you have virtually no chance of anyone ever reaching your website to engage with your product or service. The companies that appear on the first page of search results do so because they made the wise decision to embrace an SEO strategy and then hired the right SEO agency in Delhi to devise and deliver it for them.
  • SEO Works in Mysterious Ways – The mistake some executives make when it comes to SEO is confusing it with just another form of advertising. It’s not. Print, radio, and TV (and let’s throw in web banners et al. while we’re at it) work by getting in people’s faces. You’re watching a rerun of an old TV program when suddenly there’s your favorite celebrity flashing his pearly whites while swearing some toothpaste changed his life for the better. You don’t pay it much attention at the time, but the next time you’re at the supermarket considering the dozens of different toothpaste brands you remember that commercial and, because you trust your favorite celebrity, you pick the brand he recommended. SEO, on the other hand, works in what can seem like mysterious ways behind the scenes. You don’t see the hard work that goes into generating that page 1 search result. You don’t see the talented writer up late at night creating the blog post that delivers not only high-quality information on a particular subject but the keywords the search engine will pick up on. You don’t see the hours that go into researching those keywords, and you definitely don’t see your favorite actor flashing his perfect smile and telling you to buy this or that. In short, traditional advertising is a sledgehammer while SEO is more like a fleet of tugboats gently nudging you into port.
  • SEO Provides Excellent ROI – Search engine optimization generates a higher Return on Investment (ROI) than almost every other type of advertising (and we include Internet marketing as well). The reason is that SEO is what is known as “inbound” marketing. Inbound marketing targets behavior; i.e. when someone is actively searching for something you provide. Traditional marketing, by contrast, targets demographics, i.e. you buy a 30-second spot on a certain TV show because you know your target demographic tends to tune into that show. With inbound marketing, the potential customer has already bought into the notion that they want the type of product or service you provide. The job of the SEO is to convince those customers searching for that product or service that your company is the right one to provide what they’re looking for. That’s done by appearing near the top of search engine results where you can be seen, which in turn generates a sense of credibility which in turn generates conversions. Because the cost of an SEO program is typically several orders of magnitude less than buying chunks of prime time advertising on TV (and producing the commercial), you’ll see a faster ROI with a comprehensive SEO plan.
  • SEO Provides Unmatched Customer Insight – We’ve already covered the fact that a proper SEO campaign will generate traffic to your site and increase conversions. But an SEO company Delhi does so much more than that. Traditional advertising is the end product of separate market research. Whereas search engine optimization is both “inbound” marketing and market research. The traffic driven to your site by a competent SEO program will not only lead to conversions, but the particulars of that traffic can be dissected using Google Analytics. This powerful analytical tool will help you understand who is searching for your product or service, where they live, the search terms they use, the browser, the platform when they are active and much, much more. All this information can be used to not only refine your web strategy but to help you make informed decisions regarding your product line going forward.SEO Company In Delhi & NCR Hp Sangha

Invest in SEO for the Good of your Business

The visibility, web traffic and conversions are all excellent reasons in and of themselves why you should contact an SEO company and invest in search engine optimization. In addition the information you’ll glean from analyzing that web traffic can help shape the future of your company for years to come. So SEO is both advertising and market analysis at the same time. (Imagine being able to hand out a questionnaire to everyone who watches your TV advertisement? That is, in effect, what happens with SEO.) As such an SEO campaign today is considered a must-have the element of any marketing plan and those companies that ignore this fact are, more often than not, those that wind up on the slag heap of failed Delhi enterprises.

HP Sangha: The Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR

At HP Sangha we believe in the power of search engine optimization to help your fledgling Delhi business take flight. We’ve provided comprehensive SEO strategies for scores of companies and watched them reap the benefits of a wider customer base, higher visibility, increased sales, product refinements, and greater brand loyalty. If your company seems to be stuck in the mud unable to get off the ground or is experiencing difficulty in driving traffic to your new, and very expensive, the website gives us a call. We’ll show you how the top SEO Firm in Delhi can help you reach the promised land of steady, long-term growth.

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