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If you want to succeed online you need to enlist the services of a proven SEO company. Chandigarh has many but none with the pedigree, experience or track record of HP Sangha SEO agency, Chandigarh. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is not some mysterious scam dreamed up by technology types to dupe unsuspecting website owners into parting with their money. It is, in fact, the best and, to a large extent, the only way you’ll be able to lift your site into the upper echelons of organic search results and thereby increase both traffic and conversions in a meaningful way.

A Few Useful Facts about Search Results

If you don’t have an SEO agency in Chandigarh on the job working to improve your standing within Google’s organic (unpaid) search results you might as well close down your website. Don’t believe that statement? Here are a few facts to back it up.

  • More than 90% of all buying decisions in 2019 will start with a search query.
  • Google commands a 68% market share of all Internet search activity.
  • If you rank #1 for a search term on Google you can expect to receive 33% of all clicks.
  • Yet more than 90% of users don’t venture beyond the first page of organic search results.
  • The odds of someone finding your website if you don’t engage in SEO is practically zero.

Hp Sangha SEO company in Chandigarh

The Fluid World of Google Algorithms

Time was when blackhat tactics ruled the roost of SEO services, Chandigarh. Link farms, keyword stuffing and more were common methods for getting your website noticed by the new, relatively crude spider bots Google deployed to gather information on what was out there. Today, however, those spider bots are powered by ever more sophisticated algorithms that can spot the spammy techniques of yesterday a mile away and will punish the websites that use them by banishing them to the nether-reaches of cyberspace.

Because of this, you need the best digital marketing company on your side. One that understands the subtleties and implications of Google’s frequent algorithm tweaks and knows how to make them work for you in a way consistent with Big G’s intentions. To do this HP Sangha SEO company Chandigarh adopts a multi-pronged approach to your SEO campaign. One that includes:

  • Comprehensive Research – We perform an in-depth analysis of your business sector to find out what is and isn’t working for the competition and how you can learn from their successes and failures. We then take a close look at your target demographic to discover where they are, what they want from your type of product and how best to go about engaging them.
  • A Review of your Current SEO Efforts – If you have an SEO campaign in place and it’s not effective we need to know why so that mistakes aren’t repeated. To that end, we put every aspect of your existing SEO efforts under the microscope all the way down to the quality of your HTML coding and whether your website’s navigational structure is hindering effective indexing.
  • The Formation of a Unique Strategy – No two companies are exactly the same and as Such, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy. At HP Sangha marketing agency, we take your product, your industry, your long-term goals and more into consideration to forge an SEO strategy that fits your company like a finely tailored suit.
  • The Cultivation of Effective Keywords – Not much good can come of an SEO campaign if you’re hanging your hopes on ineffective, poorly researched keywords. HP Sangha Chandigarh SEO Expert analyzes your current keywords and figures out which ones to keep and which to toss. We then research new keywords, keyword phrases, and long tail keywords and deploy them in a way consistent with Google’s guidance.

Above and beyond those efforts HP Sangha SEO company in Chandigarh also focuses on natural link building to well-respected “authoritative” sites, the creation of a local presence for your small to a mid-sized company using the aforementioned longtail keywords along with Google maps and other techniques and active engagement with a range of social media.

The Value of Social Media

No SEO campaign in the year 2019 will be effective if it ignores social media’s ability to shape the terms of consumer engagement and deliver conversions. As such HP Sangha, digital marketing Firm makes the cultivation of a robust social media presence, including the deployment of a company blog, a priority and then integrates that presence into your overall digital marketing strategy. In short order you’ll learn about the power of the “like” and how content shared across social media can drive new visitors to your site.

Blogging and SEO

Blogging can be an extremely effective method of link building as well as the ideal platform for placing your well-researched keywords and keyword phrases. If done right it also delivers the kind of useful, high-quality, relevant content that makes Google sit up and take notice. Blogging efforts that strive to engage with other authority blogs in your industry can create the kind of authoritative links that bump up your website’s relevance in Big G’s eyes and result in elevated page rank. That engagement can take the form of productive comments on the posts of industry influencers and/or guest blogging, which is a great way to create awareness of your product or service.

Into the Future

There are no guarantees in life except death, taxes and poor search engine ranking if you don’t institute a comprehensive digital marketing campaign using HP Sangha SEO company Chandigarh. The world of search engine optimization is a constantly changing landscape but we stay on top of it so that you can benefit from our expertise. A great looking website is nothing without search engine visibility and the kind of traffic that is looking to partake of your products or services. That’s what HP Sangha digital marketing company provide you with. We’re the top SEO company in Chandigarh for a reason. Give us a call and find out more.

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