Online Reputation Management Service

With more and more companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and others scouring the Internet for information about you and billions of online shoppers leaving comments and reviews good and bad that will linger forever in cyberspace it’s more crucial today than ever before that you take control of your online reputation.

Most people conduct themselves online without a thought for who might see a compromising photo or negative Tweet. They assume that A) their online interactions are private and that B) a negative review of their product on Facebook isn’t of any real concern. Well A) They’re not and B) it is. In fact, everything you do online leaves a digital trail and every time someone leaves a negative review of your company’s product or service it leaves a little digital stain on your reputation.

How our Online Reputation Management Service Can Help

The members of the HP Sangha Reputation Management team are a sophisticated bunch. Each one is part IT guru, part detective, part public relations expert, and full-time fixer. What they fix are those embarrassing or compromising digital missteps that are lingering in cyberspace like so much space junk waiting to poke a hole in your hard earned reputation. They also fix poorly deployed or underutilized information that could be of value in boosting the online reputation of yourself or your company. The following are the Who, What, Where, When, Why’s, and How’s of online reputation management.

  • Who needs it? – Online reputation management is just as important for companies as it is for individuals. If a company’s reputation has taken a hit online, it’s not just the CEO who suffers. Sales can drop, and layoffs result that negatively impact the lives of every laid-off worker, every member of their family and the community at large. Therefore it’s crucial that a company get on top of bad reviews, unflattering social media posts and downright falsehoods planted by the competition.
  • What does it entail? – What our online reputation management service does is both reactive and proactive. Reactive in the sense of dealing quickly and effectively with compromising material when it surfaces. And proactive by way of creating a digital personality that highlights your strengths and gets the attention of Google et al. The bottom line is this: your digital profile should be strong and positive and put you front and center in search results.
  • When should it be done? – When is the best time to enlist the services of HP Sangha Online Reputation Management services? Now. Every day a negative comment, a bad review or a compromising photo is allowed to linger unchallenged in cyberspace is one more notch your reputation slips down the online ladder. Without timely mitigation efforts, your online reputation could be ruined before it ever has a chance to get off the ground.
  • Where can I find this service? – There’s no need to search the globe in order to find the best online reputation management company. HP Sangha is here for you now with offices in Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Pune. Contact us today to find out more about this important service and to discuss particulars with a member of our team.
  • Why should I bother? – If you have any hopes to advance in a career, run for public office, apply to college or see your company grow to gain control of your online narrative is essential. For proof of that, you need to look no further than the steady stream of stories about young people denied entrance to university because of comments they left on social media years earlier or companies facing public backlash because someone published a video on YouTube of one of their employees behaving badly.
  • How do you remove compromising material? – Since the Internet is largely unregulated, it’s virtually impossible to have compromising material removed unless it’s blatantly defamatory or false or violates a copyright. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still help. One of our most effective methods takes advantage of one of the Internet’s biggest weaknesses. And that is the fact that people almost never look beyond page 1 of search results. As such we can create new, flattering, high-quality content about you that forces the old compromising material down onto page 5 or 8 or 1113 where no one will ever look for it.


Can’t I Just Handle This Myself?

Certainly. However, effective management of an online reputation requires in-depth knowledge of how the various players in cyberspace work with and against each other as well as a comprehensive knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and more. If you are in possession of this type of specialized knowledge you’re all set. If however, the nuances of optimizing your social media presence to work with your website in a way that offsets negative reviews and burnishes your reputation in the eyes of Google et al. escape you you’re better off leaving it to the pros at HP Sangha.

What if I Have a Good Lawyer?

The fact is that while a good lawyer is essential in going after those who are actively trying to defame you or are misusing your copyrighted material they’re virtually no help when it comes to shaping the online dialogue surrounding you, your company or your product or service. A good lawyer can’t do anything to counteract a negative review of your product or company on Amazon or Facebook, but a crack online reputation management team can stem the bleeding and ensure the other side of your story gets aired, neutralizing any negative content.

What Can I do Myself to Protect my Online Reputation?

Start by setting up a Google alert for your company or yourself. This way when anything new about you surfaces on the Internet, you’ll be notified. Being able to respond quickly to negative comments, bad reviews or other potentially damaging material is key to getting out in front of it. Beyond that, you should restrict your personal social media engagement and limit any information you post about your family, your past or your beliefs no matter how harmless it might seem.Call HP Sangha today to learn more.