5 Effective Strategies for the Best SEO Expert 2019

Without an effective search, engine optimization (SEO) strategy your website will be confined to the darkest corners of cyberspace. But the definition of effective SEO is constantly in flux. What worked like a charm in 2014 was obsolete by 2016 and what works today will likely begin fading from relevance next year. The best SEO companies 2019 in India like HP Sangha are on top of all the latest developments in the field and devise strategies for your website that anticipate trends so that you always stay relevant to Google and other search engines.

Looking Forward: Top SEO Strategies for 2019

What can your SEO company do to ensure that your current page rank is maintained or even improved upon when we turn the corner into 2019? Here are 5 SEO strategies which every SEO Expert follow in 2019 we anticipate will win the day for you next year.

  • Increased Social Media Integration – It’s no secret that traditional retail is in trouble because ever-increasing numbers of consumers are spending their money online. The best way to take advantage of this shift in consumer habits in 2019 will be to engage this new generation of consumers where they are. And where they are is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and a dozen other social media behemoths.
  • Focus on Mobile – Mobile searches now outnumber desktops searches, and this trend is not slowing down. As a result, Google now gives priority to ‘mobile friendly’ sites. While you may already have a dedicated mobile site for your business, you’ll have to take things further in 2019 and create a complete mobile experience. The more satisfying the experience, the more relevance Google will assign to your site.
  • The Impact of the Knowledge Graph – Google’s knowledge graph is essentially the sum total of all the knowledge the search engine has amassed. Google has been working hard for several years now to find ways to make better use of this information, and as we move forward into 2019, the knowledge graph will begin to assert real influence over SEO practices.
  • Voice-Driven Search – This is another, largely mobile-driven trend, which will likely begin to impact SEO strategies in 2019 and beyond. In a nutshell, the databases that drive voice activated VAs (Virtual Assistants) are growing in size and relevance, and it’s only a matter of time before Google will begin integrating voice search data into their algorithm.
  • Literal to Lateral – Nearly 1/3 of all searches are brand new terms. As such the results Google serves up for these terms can be head-scratching as the algorithm struggles to interpret them. Google has been working overtime to improve the interpretive ability of its algorithm to think in a more lateral and less literal fashion. As the results of their work begin to take hold, this trend will influence SEO strategies for companies large and small.

Staying ahead of the SEO curve is not just important, it’s absolutely essential. At HP Sangha we’re dedicated to ensuring our SEO efforts on your behalf always put you in the best possible position regarding your website’s search engine relevance.